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Ten Pack: 10 units of cocaine premixed in syringe. Dealer disposes of syringe. Flap: Cocaine wrapped in paper or tinfoil.

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Pricing AVERAGE*. Also known as papers. Puzzle Palace: Alberta psychiatric Hospital. Possibly cocaine and heroin. Measurement.

Methamphetamine. Speedball: Combination of cocaine and speed amphetamine. And that's where your colored just runs into trouble.

Speedball (drug)

Rocks: Solid form of drug, either before or after cooking. Dealer disposes of syringe. T and R: Talwin and Ritalin crushed and injected intravenously. Turns out he was on parole.

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V-Tens: Valium milligram tablets. He goes back to jail, she's safe, and I slept like a baby. Bug pills: Medications for psychiatric illness.

She had welts and bruises all over. Flame Thrower: Common cigarette injected with heroin for smoking. Blow: Common word for cocaine.

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Provides a heroin-like high of approximately two hours duration. Coco-puff: Cocaine rolled into a cigarette. Flap: Cocaine wrapped in paper or tinfoil.

Peelers: Morphine tablets with an enteric coating that is peeled off prior to oral consumption. Dillies: Dilaudid.

Cooking: Mixing drug and liquid for injection. Cocaine dissolved in water will precipitate as crystals; it is then smoked in a pipe or mixed with tobacco. Drug.

$ $ $ It means an eighth of an ounce. Yeah, but Joe Louis is a big 'un.

Can anyone tell me what the term "8-ball" means in drug terms. i am researching a criminal case.?

Meth: Crystal methamphetamine, a concentrated form of speed. Cranking, Fixing, Doing a Hit: Injecting drugs. “10 points” = 1 gram.

Doing the Chicken: Seizures from cocaine, speed, heroin, speedballs. That's just that science part.

“8 ball” = grams / 1/8 ounce. Can also be injected.

You see, 'cause they call boxing the sweet science. Ten Pack: 10 units of cocaine premixed in syringe. Occasionally taken in tablet form. So, one night we get called out there again, and I slip down their hallway and stuff two 8-baol balls in his closet.

8-ball drugs

Speed: Methamphetamine capsules mixed with water for injection. www.artinmotionmmc.com › wiki › 8_ball. It's most commonly associated with cocaine, although you can certainly buy an 8-Ball of heroin, or ecstasy, or any other drug sold. Freebasing: Cooking drugs and inhaling the fumes.

Rigs, Points: Needles. “1 point” = gram​.