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SOAP 1. The Profile mandates the use of that structure, and places the following constraints on its use: 3. The Profile requires that a fault be generated instead, to assure unambiguous operation.

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Messaging This section of the Profile incorporates the following specifications by reference, and defines extensibility points within them:. Referenced specifications often provide profile mechanisms and unspecified or open-ended configuration parameters; when identified in profiile Profile as an extensibility point, such a mechanism or parameter is outside the scope of the Profile, and its use or non-use is not relevant to conformance.

Because there are situations where the Web infrastructure changes the HTTP status code, and for basic reliability, the Profile requires that they examine the envelope. The Profile mandates Baisc use of that structure, and places the following constraints on its use: 3.

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In particular, it defines rules for the processing of header blocks and the envelope body. Alternatively, it is acceptable to define custom fault codes in a namespace controlled by the specifying authority. As a result, the Profile prefers the use of literal, non-encoded XML. One can also use this information to determine whether two instances of a profile are backwards-compatible; that is, whether one can assume that conformance to an profille profile instance implies conformance to a later one.

id, A unique identifying value for the member.

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Each requirement is individually identified e. A Fault is an envelope that has a single child element of the soap:Body element, that element being a soap:Fault element. The Profile places the following constraints on the processing model: 3. SOAP12 This requirement guarantees that no undesirable side effects will occur as a result of noticing a mandatory header block after processing other parts of the message. Vanity name is represented as prkfile string is used for the public profile URL: www.

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Note that this does Baxic imply basic about compatibility in the other direction; that is, one cannot assume that conformance with a later profile instance profilr conformance to an earlier one. Because the use of extensibility points may impair interoperability, their use should be negotiated or documented in some fashion by the parties to a Web service; for example, this could take the form of an out-of-band agreement.

The Profile's scope is defined by the referenced specifications in Appendix Aas refined by the profile points in Appendix B. The absence of this assertion says nothing about Basic Profile 2.

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Together, they identify a particular profile instance. It is important to realize that generation of a Fault is distinct from its transmission, which in some cases is not required. They can be used to determine the precedence of a profile instance; a higher version considering both the major and minor components indicates that an instance is more recent, and therefore supersedes earlier instances. Use of this mechanism to extend the meaning of the Basif 1.

Basic profile › abstract › document. This section explains these terms and describes how conformance is defined and used. Profile instances with the same name and prrofile version e.

When requirements in the Profile and its referenced specifications contradict each other, the Profile's requirements take precedence for purposes of Profile conformance. Requirement levels, using RFC language e.

Basic profile

It is recommended that applications that require custom fault codes either use the SOAP1. WS-I Basic Profile Version (WS-I BP ) is a set of non-proprietary web services specifications, along with clarifications and amendments to those.

Is this helpful? Conformance targets are annotated in requirements as described in Section 2. The Profile requires that a fault profule generated instead, to assure unambiguous operation.

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Requirements' conformance targets are physical artifacts wherever possible, to simplify testing and avoid ambiguity. Additional text may be included to illuminate a requirement or group of requirements e.

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This requirement clarifies a mismatch between the SOAP 1. Also, specific uses of extensibility points may be further restricted by other profiles, to improve interoperability when used in conjunction with the Profile.

Referenced as personId in other API. Therefore, its use should be avoided, as doing so may cause interoperability issues when the same names are used in the right-hand side of the ". Note that orofile Profile may still place requirements on the use of an extensibility point.

Basic profile

Description id A unique identifying value for the member. It also defines rules related to generation of faults. Field Name, Description. Mandatory header blocks are those children of the soap:Header element bearing a soap:mustUnderstand attribute with a value of "1".

However, this introduces complexity, as this function can also be served by the use of XML Namespaces. Therefore, such elements are disallowed. The conformance target keyword appears in bold text e.

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