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A downed tree with wires on Whitney Ave. So where is my internet?

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But you have free will too.

You always have a choice. If you feel like you need to regain some power in Hw relationshiphere are nine steps that can help you feel confident as you venture to take your power back into your own hands.

Watch your language. So, what are you choosing? Stop spending so much time worrying about the choices your partner makes, and instead focus on the choices you make in your relationship. Accept responsibility for how you feel.

Internet providers said local issues, as well as power outages linked to the storm, are prompting some customers to remain off line on Thursday. In a statement, Kristen L.

You might not initially see it as a big deal if your partner tends to take the lead more than you, but if it becomes clear that they wield all the power in your relationship, it can lead to conflict down the road — conflict brought on powet feelings of anger, resentment, neglect, sadness, and more. Hundreds of thousands of Connecticut residents were still without power Thursday.

It can be a long process, but once you do that, you'll be confident and empowered enough to make healthy choices in your relationships — and in life — that powee bring you true happiness, on your own terms.

Identify your triggers. If you can dig through the rubble of your past relationships and find lessons that can help you grow, you can retroactively take some of your power back. Once cleared and access is gained, we will continue to work around the clock until services are fully restored for every customer.

A downed tree with wires on Whitney Ave. But what does it mean to have power in a relationship in the first place?

So where is my internet? Knowing your worth restores your ability to stand up for yourself, vet advocate for the parts of the relationship that are important to you.